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I am very pleased to launch the Basic Hospitality Skills - Multi-Tasker Course learning platform.

The Skills for Inclusive Growth (S4IG) program, an initiative of the Australian Government, implemented in collaboration with the Sri Lanka State Ministry of Skills Development, Vocational Education, Research and Innovation, Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) Sri Lanka, Tourism Authorities, Industry and Provincial and District Level Administration, strives to support the tourism development agenda of the Sri Lankan government through innovative and inclusive skills development.

The Workplace-based Basic Skills Program in Tourism and Hospitality has been designed to enable workplaces to deliver industry recognized training on the job and assess and track the skills of employees as they achieve required industry competency standards. This workplace training is an initiative of S4IG Program in partnership with the Federation of Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka (FCCISL) to improve the skills of women, men and persons with disabilities in the tourism and hospitality industry. Workforce development is central to improving the quality and performance of hospitality and tourism sector enterprises. Better skills delivers better and more efficient services required by visitors. Visitors spend more money for quality and relevant services which then increases revenues that can create more employment and improve incomes. This workplace training approach has proved instrumental in supporting employers to deliver standardized, high quality vocational training that strengthens the quality and relevance of the skills ecosystem in Sri Lanka and supports workforce development across the tourism value chain for smaller businesses.

During the pilot program, we were successful in providing this Workplace-based Basic Skills training to over 800 people across over 300 enterprises in rural and emerging tourism locations. The training was designed and delivered according to TVEC and international standards. The training materials and assessment methods are internationally recognized, validated by industry and tourism enterprises in Sri Lanka. The training courses are ‘demand-driven’ giving training and development support that addresses identified skills gaps across the workforce. The training enables existing workers to improve skills without having to leave the workplace and is supplemented through workplace trainers, self paced e-learning videos and on job projects which are then assessed by industry experts that serve as assessors. Having enterprise relevant training supplemented with tri-lingual video based learning materials has improved skills training making it more relevant, accessible and flexible for existing workers and new entrants coming into a workplace. We take pride that industry has been able to extend this opportunity to a vast cross section of local communities without making age, gender, or disabilities a limitation. This has generated a lot of interest in skills development and career path building creating opportunities for communities that are not well serviced by the current skills development system. The Workplace-based Basic Skills training is accessible to all, workplace relevant, easy to follow, and can be completed within a short time period. The outcome of assessment is internationally recognized given people additional certainty that the training is relevant and good quality.

The key advantages for the workforce trainees that undertake this course is that the training content is designed in easily comprehensible, simple language with lots of self-learning, video materials which reinforce core messages and good industry practices, and allows the learning activities to be undertaken at your own pace. Training books are used to guide learning and skills development which are then assessed to industry standards recognized by many countries. All the training materials are available in Sinhala, and Tamil as well as English. Assessment requires trainees to demonstrate skills and provide evidence of competence in the workplace. Trainees showcase their knowledge and skills gained through the training and are assessed by industry experts. Once they complete the assessment requirements they receive certification from industry that they have qualified and have achieved industry recognition of their skills.

This training is a first in the provision of industry recognized workplace training in the hospitality sector for smaller businesses in Sri Lanka. I encourage those interested in careers in hospitality and tourism to complete this training and use this training as a platform for recognition to work in the industry at home in Sri Lanka or internationally. This training also supports employers seeking to improve the productivity and performance of their workforce to attract more benefits from the visitor economy to adopt and apply this training across their enterprise workforce. This package is a great way to start developing your workforce and delivering better quality services to your customers. Contact your FCCISL representatives to commence your pathway to improving the performance in your workplace. This package is available and can be easily rolled out across your enterprise. This package is designed for smaller business and can be adapted to your requirements – don’t delay or miss out. Start your journey to improved performance now.

World Class Skills Delivers World Class Services Generating Prosperity For All.

Mr. David Ablett

Team Leader - Skills for Inclusive Growth