Is a hospitality Multi-Tasker a real profession?

Yes, it is. For the majority of enterprises in the country staff who can work in the restaurant, prepare bedrooms and do front office work is a must. There is a demand for multi-taskers throughout the island. They are more needed than specialists.

Career Paths for Multi-Taskers

Within Sri Lanka itself there is a demand for staff with experience of various aspects of hotel work. A multi-tasker with experience can expect to find employment and increased wages and responsibility within the hospitality sector in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Within Sri Lanka it is possible to progress within a single establishment, from a standard homestay to a luxury boutique guesthouse or from a homestay to a hotel.

It is, of course, possible for a Multi-Tasker to choose to specialise on one of the disciplines. After working as multi-tasker they can be recruited by a major local or international hotel chain and continue their career.